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Are you uncertain whether your floor needs a straightforward sand-and-polish or a full restoration? Is your Maidenhead parquet flooring in need of delicate specialist treatment but you don’t know what exactly is called for? Here’s a quick summary of all the services offered by the Maidenhead floor sanding experts to help you out. Contact us to find out more and to book your free onsite assessment.​


Floor sanding was the first service we offered to homes and firms in Maidenhead, and it is still one of our most popular ones. Our Maidenhead floor sanding teams first of all carry out necessary repairs to your flooring before sanding away the top layers of dirt and grime with dust-retentive machines. The finish is then applied to the smooth, clean boards.


We have the experience and local knowledge of the wooden flooring in Maidenhead to decide on the most appropriate course of treatment for a wooden floor that has been hidden away under carpets for years. Maybe it needs a simple sanding or maybe a complete renovation. Call in the Maidenhead floor restoration team to decide what’s needed to get your neglected flooring back into shape.


Repairs are carried out to wooden flooring in order to make it firm and solid for the sanding and finishing processes. Often there are gaps that need to be filled in to stop draughts and heat loss, and sections of floorboard may have to be replaced by fresh wood from renewable sources.


There’s a definite art to staining a wooden floor and getting the accomplished end result you desire. Our stains are eco-friendly and we have a wide choice of different colours and shades available for different purposes. Because it creates a deep, rich glow, staining is still a hugely popular choice of finish for our customers.


Finishing a wooden floor comes after the repair and sanding have been completed. The choice of finish depends on the effect you want and also on the nature of the wood and the immediate environment. For example, in a room like a kitchen where spillage is likely it’s often best to opt for a varnish finish to seal the floor. A stain and wax to bring out a rich, golden glow in the heart of the wood is ideal for a reception area or bedroom.


Parquet floors went out of fashion for quite a few years, but now they’re all the rage! If you have some you’ll want to hang on to it and get it treated properly. The delicate tiles need special attention and the Maidenhead parquet floor sanding team have all the expertise and equipment, not to mention patience, to do the work properly.


To repair a parquet floor, our Maidenhead parquet floor restoration experts will have to replace loose and damaged tiles which are held in place with bitumen-based adhesives. These materials are difficult to remove and replace with modern glues that do the job better. Again, this is demanding and skilled work so call us in to do it.


Repairing parquet flooring usually means replacing a few missing tiles to maintain the integrity of the pattern and not create any patchy eyesores. Changes in bonding technology make this a skilled job that needs to be tackled by the SL6 Maidenhead parquet floor repair team, so don’t hesitate to contact us about it.​


Wood floor polishing restores the sparkle to a wooden floor and it needs to be preceded by a thorough buffing so that the polish will take properly. You need to do this job every couple of years as part of a floors maintenance programme, to keep it in good condition for as long as possible.


The gaps between floorboards are perfectly normal, but they do need to be filled in. We do this using specialist silicon and resin compounds. The fillers typically available in a DIY outlet will not be good enough as they’ll crumble quickly and fall into the space under the boards. The gaps must be filled properly because if they aren’t then draughts will be set up between them and the outer walls through airbricks, driving up heating bills as all that precious heat escapes from the ground floor!


We recommend that your floors be professionally buffed and polished by us every two or three years, depending on traffic. In offices, and where a domestic floor is subject to above-average usage by kids and pets for example, it might benefit from an annual polish.


When visitors, clients and business partners see an expanse of gleaming natural wood flooring in your offices they’ll be suitably impressed. We can complete all the necessary work outside of regular office hours to keep the disruption down to an absolute minimum.


School floors are particularly prone to wear and tear, and as there is so much flooring involved they can present a particular challenge. Our Maidenhead school floor sanding and finishing teams are always up to the task and have refreshed the wooden floors of scores of Maidenhead schools to get them ready for the new term. We can even carry out the work during school holidays to minimise any disruption. ​


Our extensive selection of finishes and seals is completely environmentally friendly, containing not a trace of toxic substances, so both the planet and your home will be in safe, green hands with us. We always take care to select the appropriate finish for the type of wood and your personal preferences, to get you the best possible results.