Maidenhead Floor Sanding

Our Story

Where did the Maidenhead floor sanding company come from? Well, we set out 20 years ago as a small family business to provide a full package of floor sanding and renovation services to the residents and businesses of Maidenhead. Word soon got around that we knew what we were doing and delivered on our promises, and we’re still at it today.



We decided from day one that our mission would be to bring out the beauty and potential of every wooden floor we worked with, rather than just treat them all the same way. This is our strength, that we aren’t just an off-the-peg service, treating wooden floors as commodities with a production line approach. At the SL6 Maidenhead floor sanding company we listen to our customers and adapt our approach according to their requirements and the nature of the floor itself, because each wooden floor is different.​


We place a very high priority on excellent customer service. It’s key to our whole approach and we are determined that each and every customer has an enjoyable, educational and satisfying experience with the Maidenhead floor sanding and finishing team, and that they remember us for only good things. From initial contact to your free wood floor cleaning kit at the end of our visit, we’ll have a great and productive time together, and most of our customers keep in regular contact afterwards.


As a business, we bear particular responsibility for the well-being of the planet. We go that extra mile to ensure that we use, for instance, only eco-friendly finishing products such as stains and varnishes. We also keep dust production right down by using the latest dust-free technologies and when we replace parquet tiles or floorboards we do so using sustainable sources wherever possible.

Take a look at some customer Testimonials to see what people think of the work and services of the Maidenhead floor sanding and finishing company. You might also like to get some inspirational ideas for projects by taking an online tour of our Gallery, to see some of the projects we’ve completed recently in Maidenhead.

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