How It Works?

Do you want to have a complete restoration of wooden flooring in Maidenhead but don’t have a clue where to get started? For all homes, businesses and public buildings in Maidenhead SL6, simply contact the Maidenhead wood floor sanding and finishing experts to arrange everything. We have a complete package of services that covers all your wooden flooring needs. Here’s a summary of how the process works.



When you call the Maidenhead floor sanding team one of our friendly advisors will answer any initial questions you have and book you down for your free on-site visit, at no obligation whatsoever. We have to look at your floor for ourselves to see what needs doing to it.​

While you wait for us to get back to you, check out some customer testimonials to see what other folks in your area think about the Maidenhead floor sanding and finishing team.

When our assessor arrives, your floor will be thoroughly checked for damage such as missing tiles or floorboards, gaps and unstable sub-floor elements. This is also when you get to discuss the effect you have in mind, such as colour and finish.



When at the end of the assessment session you get your quote you may rest assured that not one penny will be added to the figure between now and the end of the work. This is what you will pay us should you accept. We don’t do ‘hidden charges’ and you don’t need to ‘allow a bit extra’ for anything.



On the day our Maidenhead floor sanding team will carry out any necessary repairs to your floor and then sand it smoothly down, using dust-free machines to limit the mess. They’ll then apply the eco-friendly finish before cleaning everything up and giving you a free wood floor cleaning kit to help keep your new floor in perfect condition.

Contact us today to arrange for your free on-site inspection to set the whole process in motion. You’ll be amazed at what how we can transform your drab wooden flooring in Maidenhead!

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